STFC locations

High-tech laboratories, world-leading astronomical observatories, pioneering Science & Innovation Campuses, state-of-the-art research facilities extending boundaries in laser science, computing, neutron-scattering and other disciplines.

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Our unique network of sites includes not only a roster of iconic locations and facilities in the UK but also specialist operations in Spain and Hawaii. These are complemented by our hands-on involvement in acclaimed international initiatives such as the experimental programmes now taking place at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

Every one of our sites has its own history, identity and pedigree. Yet together they coalesce into an overall array of facilities and scientific and supporting capabilities unprecedented in its power and unsurpassed in its diversity.

These sites provide the crucible of skills and technologies that we harness tirelessly to deliver our Vision, advance scientific understanding and generate a remarkable variety of real-world benefits.

Our UK sites

Our sites across the country comprise locations synonymous with scientific exploration, innovation and achievement:

Conference facilities

In addition, we also run Ridgeway House and The Cosener’s House conference facilities.

Our international partners

We see our many partners around the world as a trusted and valued part of our team and as one that adds an extra dimension to our mission, the way we work and what we’re capable of achieving.

Our cosmic presence

We’re also proud to be (literally!) an extra-terrestrial organisation, with equipment we’ve developed, built or funded currently circling the Sun, chasing comets through space, exploring the freezing extremities of the Solar System and undertaking many other amazing missions beyond the Earth’s confines.

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