NERC Advisory Network



From September 2019, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) adapted its governance and advisory structures to provide increased agility and broader expertise in light of new opportunities within UK Research and Innovation. The NERC Advisory Network provides a retained, agile and flexible pool of expertise that can be drawn on for strategic or policy advice on specific issues.

The network is made up of up to 60 members with expertise across the breadth of NERC’s remit, and meets in groups when the NERC Executive, Council or Science Committee require advice on specific issues, as well as meeting as a whole once a year. It comprises leading academic and user experts from across academia, business, policy and third sectors providing advice to NERC so that it can respond effectively to new opportunities and arising challenges.


  • Dr Imad Ahmed, UK Water Industry Research
  • Dr Pallavi Anand, Open University
  • Mr Ian Allison
  • Mr Peter Bailey, Environment Agency
  • Professor Grant Bigg, The University of Sheffield
  • Ms Fiona Bowles, Wessex Water to Chair the Poole Harbour and the Stour catchment partnerships
  • Professor Andrew Brierley, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Iain Brown, University of Dundee
  • Professor Richard Butler, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Emma Cavan, Imperial College London
  • Dr Jon Chamberlin, University of Essex
  • Professor Lee Chapman, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Adrian Chappell, Cardiff University
  • Professor Peter Clarke, Newcastle University
  • Professor Matthew Collins, University of Exeter
  • Dr Alexandra Collins, Imperial College London
  • Dr Andrew Davies, Halliburton
  • Dr Joshua Dean, University of Bristol
  • Dr Kirsty Edgar, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Emma Ferranti, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Antonia Ford, Ministry of Justice Science Office
  • Professor Jane Hart, University of Southampton
  • Dr Robert Holland, Oil Spill Response Ltd
  • Dr Mohammad Hoque, University of Portsmouth
  • Dr David Hutchinson, Director, Greentech South
  • Dr James Lea, University of Liverpool
  • Mr Rory Miles, University of Surrey
  • Dr Andy Moores, Construction Industry Research and Information Association
  • Dr Sally Morgan, University of Edinburgh
  • Mr Daniel Musenga-Grant, DMG Environmental Consultancy and HVS
  • Dr Siân Rees, University of Plymouth
  • Dr Ruben Sakrabani, Cranfield University
  • Professor David Schultz, The University of Manchester
  • Professor Marian Scott, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Zongbo Shi, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Julia Sigwart, Queens University Belfast
  • Dr Daniel Smith, University of Leicester
  • Professor David Stainforth, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Ms Julia Sussams, Defra
  • Ms Shyn Tong, Defra and Department for Transport
  • Mr Duncan Vaughan, Natural England
  • Dr Anne Velenturf, University of Leeds
  • Dr Jonathan Wentworth, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
  • Dr Fredric Windsor, Newcastle University.

We publish a register of declared interests for NAN members. See the conflict of interest register for 2022 to 2023.

Last updated: 10 July 2023

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