Research England funding allocations from 2021 to 2022


Documents for providers 2021-2022

See the documents for providers 2021-2022 including the:

  • grant letter template
  • technical guidance
  • recurrent grants for the higher education sector as a whole
  • recurrent grants by government region.

Browse the 2021-2022 grant tables for higher education providers (HEPs).

See the recurrent quality-related research (QR) funding: supporting information for 2021-2022, including:

  • Mainstream QR funding and London weighting for academic year 2021-22
  • QR research degree programme (RDP) supervision funding for academic year 2021-22
  • QR charity support fund and QR business research element for academic year 2021-22
  • Assignment of Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 units of assessment to Research England research cost bands and HESA cost centres
  • Data sources for recurrent research funding
  • Example of the calculation of quality-weighted volume used in the mainstream QR funding method
  • Worked example for QR RDP supervision funding.

See the recurrent knowledge exchange funding: supporting information for 2021-2022, including:

  • Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) recurrent funding allocations for academic year 2021-22
  • Income data used in HEIF allocations 2021-22
  • Data sources for HEIF 2021-22

Last updated: 31 March 2022

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