Public engagement

Involving people in research – as participants, co-researchers or audiences – has many benefits for researchers and society. It disseminates knowledge, stimulates dialogue and provides insight.

As an organisation that values and funds excellent research, UKRI recognises that public engagement can:

  • lead to better quality research
  • lead to improved research impact
  • ensure that research is relevant and trusted.

Funding is available for public engagement activity from UKRI and the research councils. To prepare for any application, you’ll need to examine why you want to engage the public in your research and what approach will be most effective.

Involving people in research

Different approaches to encourage public engagement with research and innovation

How we support public engagement

UKRI initiatives aimed at engaging the public with research and innovation

Guidance on engaging the public with your research

Tips, advice and resources on public engagement for researchers and innovators

Public engagement in our councils

Our councils provide a range of activities, guidance and resources to engage with the public.

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