Creating international opportunities

The UK is among the world’s leaders in research and innovation. UKRI helps it thrive by supporting UK researchers and businesses to work with the best minds, organisations and facilities around the world.

Researchers and businesses can access funding for international collaboration through UKRI and its partners worldwide. We also work with partner countries to support research and innovation collaborations around the world.

One of the ways in which UKRI supports international collaboration is through major research and innovation funds that enable researchers and businesses to build partnerships and find opportunities. These include the Fund for International Collaboration, Global Challenges Research Fund and Newton Fund.

Contributing to international development

Through the Newton Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund, UKRI administers a portion of the UK’s official development assistance (ODA). This enables researchers and innovators to apply their work to some of the world’s most urgent development challenges.

We report ODA spending via the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) registry.

Removing barriers to collaboration

UKRI makes it simpler for UK and international researchers and businesses to work together on research and innovation. We remove barriers – such as the risk that a joint project will be approved in one country but not another – by partnering with major research organisations and networks worldwide.

Our agreements with research funders in countries such as the US and Brazil make it possible for researchers to submit joint funding proposals.

Building international partnerships

UKRI is an active member of organisations that bring together the world’s major research funders, including:

Through our offices in China, India, North America and Europe, UKRI has deepened partnerships and facilitated innovation and research collaborations. In Brussels, our UK Research Office (UKRO) provides subscribing UK research organisations with news, insight and advice to help them engage with EU-funded research.

We also work closely with the UK Science and Innovation Network, which builds partnerships and collaborations in science and innovation through its 100 officers in 40 countries, and with the Department for International Trade, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and British Council.

Last updated: 12 May 2021

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