3.1.1-3.1.17 The application: Je-S proposal form


3.1.13 Sponsors

The Sponsors section must be completed for all fellowship applications.
In the case of pre-doctoral fellowships this section should be completed by the applicant’s supervisor(s) and each supervisor must also complete the supervisor CV template and attach this to the application.

For postdoctoral fellowships this section should be completed by at least one senior member of the department who has academic responsibility for the fellow. In this case the sponsor is not expected to fulfil a supervisory role during the award, but act as a supporter for the application. The sponsor should have expertise in the scientific area of the application and will act as guarantor for the quality of the proposed research, suitability of the candidate and level of training and development the department will provide.

An entry should be included for each sponsor, detailing:

  • the sponsor’s name
  • in what capacity they have known the applicant (250 character limit)
  • how long they have known the applicant
  • their views on the applicant’s scientific ability and suitability for the fellowship scheme for which they are applying (3000 character limit)
  • the number of academic staff in the proposed department
  • details of the support, training and skills that the department will provide, including an overview of how the candidate’s research area fits within the department’s priorities (4000 character limit).

All sponsors can be set up as an editor with view and edit rights so they can complete their own details if required. The applicant should ensure sufficient time is allowed for the sponsor(s) to complete their parts of the form before the submission deadline.

Last updated: 21 February 2023

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