3.1.1-3.1.17 The application: Je-S proposal form


3.1.1 Project details

Details of the lead research organisation, the project title, start date and duration should be entered on this page. Applicants may also enter their own reference number for ease of grants management.

Only one research organisation may be entered in this section. If the proposal involves a second academic/industrial/overseas centre, details should be entered in the collaborations explanation section of the form and in the research environment overview in the case for support (see sections 3.1.3 and 3.2.3). Further details may also be included in the mentors section of the form, or in the project partners section if they will be making a financial or in-kind contribution to the project. (see sections 3.1.17 and 3.1.13).

The project title should be no more than 150 characters and reflect the aim of the project.

The start date should be realistic and would normally be between one and six months after the date of the decision making meeting. The dates of all forthcoming panel meetings are available in MRC’s application timelines table.

Last updated: 23 February 2023

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