2-2.12 Considerations before applying


2.8 Multiple submissions

You may only have one fellowship proposal under consideration by MRC at any point. You may, however, simultaneously apply to other funders’ fellowship schemes.

You may not have simultaneous fellowship proposals under consideration by MRC and UKRI fellowships schemes.

Where a proposal contains interdisciplinary research, you should consult the relevant programme manager by emailing fellows@mrc.ukri.org to confirm which research council is best placed to consider the proposal. You should do so well before the submission deadline.

You may simultaneously seek grant support for other projects, from MRC or other funders, while your MRC fellowship is under consideration. You must ensure, however, that:

  • no part of the fellowship project may be under consideration as a grant proposal with any organisation while under consideration for an MRC fellowship award
  • any funding secured from MRC or other funders must be in compliance with MRC fellowship terms and conditions if awarded, including the time commitments conditions detailed in section 2.2
  • you do not apply as principal investigator on a grant to MRC while simultaneously applying for an MRC fellowship (with the exception of senior fellowship applicants).

Any fellowship or grant submissions under consideration at the time of application should be noted in the ‘other support’ section of the proposal form.

Last updated: 17 August 2023

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