Fellowships available

BBSRC offers schemes to support excellent researchers. These provide a prestigious opportunity for you to develop your skills as a:

  • scientist
  • leader
  • impact generator.

We invest in fellowships both directly and in partnership with other organisations.

Discovery Fellowships

Discovery Fellowships (previously BBSRC Future Leaders Fellowships) support researchers who have demonstrated great potential to become future leaders.

You will be looking to conduct your own independent research within a host laboratory. Candidates must provide strong evidence of working towards this goal.

As well as funding, Discovery Fellowships provide additional support in the form of:

  • mentoring
  • fellowship events
  • training courses.

Discovery Fellowships are offered annually. Details of how to apply for a 2022 fellowship can be found on the UKRI funding finder.

Watch three short films about Discovery Fellowships

What are Discovery Fellowships?

See what our committee members and staff have to say about Discovery Fellowships. Find out:

  • who Discovery Fellowships are for
  • what a Discovery Fellowship can support
  • who is eligible
  • where you can find advice on developing an application.

What we look for when assessing Discovery Fellowship proposals

Hear what our committee members are looking for in Discovery Fellowship applications and get their top tips for developing and writing an exceptional proposal.

Successful Discovery Fellowship proposals

Get advice from our Discovery Fellows on:

  • what helped them develop outstanding proposals
  • the resources they used
  • the advice they received.

Daphne Jackson Fellowships

Daphne Jackson Fellowships support scientists who wish to return to research after a career break of two or more years. The scheme aims to provide fellows with the confidence and skills needed to make a successful return.

Daphne Jackson Fellowships are administered by the Daphne Jackson Trust.

Find out more about Daphne Jackson Fellowship funding.

David Phillips Fellowships

David Phillips Fellowships support outstanding researchers to conduct very high quality research and establish independent academic careers.

It is not currently offering funding.

Enterprise Fellowships

Enterprise Fellowships support researchers to seek investment and develop a full business plan for a business idea. They also provide the training needed to achieve this successfully.

The business idea must be based on previous BBSRC-funded research.

This scheme is administered by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Read more about Enterprise Fellowships.

Enterprise Fellowships will be relaunched later in 2022 after a recruitment freeze. Read more about this freeze.

Last updated: 4 July 2022

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