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Innovate UK net zero review 2022: our clean future economy

This report shares details of existing activities and future plans for putting the UK at the forefront of energy-secure, low-carbon growth

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Net zero review 2022: our clean future economy (PDF)

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This review is now outdated. Please read the latest 2023 review: Scaling climate technology: net zero review 2023.

Innovate UK’s mission is to drive growth across the UK in a just transition. We will accelerate the transition to net zero by:

  • encouraging UK business to take innovation risks
  • working with government to remove barriers and complexity
  • working with the private sector to unlock the significant investment needed to realise this vision

This will stimulate business growth, create jobs and secure our energy future.

The UK companies at the forefront of solutions will lead us into a brighter future we all want to see. It will put us at the leading edge of the global transition to a new energy future with a unique opportunity to:

  • foster global partnerships
  • encourage the adoption of UK standards
  • support the development of trade agreements worldwide
  • drive exports

This review sets out the details of our approach, through existing activities and future plans. It is organised around a systems approach and 5 themes:

  • power
  • heat
  • mobility
  • make and use
  • agriculture and food

Nobody can achieve this alone, and Innovate UK is fully committed to our role to inspire, involve and invest to make this happen.

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