HappySelf Journal helps kids during lockdown

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Credit: HappySelf Journal

A daily wellness journal was given to thousands of children across the UK to help them cope with the stresses of the pandemic and lockdown.

The HappySelf Journal was launched by Francesca Geens in 2018, who saw the impact journaling had on her own children’s happiness.

The Kent-based company received funding from Innovate UK to make it available to children during the pandemic.

A tool for children during lockdown

The HappySelf Journal promotes happiness and wellbeing through simple science-backed practices within a daily journaling format, such as:

  • gratitude
  • kindness
  • mindfulness.

The daily practice helps children build positive habits shown to boost their:

  • mental wellbeing
  • happiness
  • resilience
  • mindset.

Francesca said:

The funding from Innovate UK meant we could give thousands of journals away free to children who receive free school meals.

The demand was incredible. Within three hours of a few social media posts we were vastly over-subscribed. The demand and the feedback from teachers encouraged us to apply for a second round of funding, which meant we could distribute more journals.

Positive feedback

The team received “heart wrenching” feedback from parents about how the journal had helped their child, and family, cope with lockdown.

Parents said they noticed a real change in their child. Teachers really appreciated having such a high quality resource to share with children and shared photos and feedback showing the real sense of pride in their journals.

Last updated: 17 May 2021

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