Pre-announcement: climate adaptation and resilience online events

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UKRI, together with our COP26 delivery partners for climate adaptation and resilience in the UK and overseas, will hold a series of online events starting in May.

This is to mark the run-up to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021.

Adaptation and resilience theme

The events will showcase research that is collaborative, locally led and globally relevant and aligned to the UK COP26 presidency’s adaptation and resilience theme. The research will address the risks associated with cascading and compounding climate change impacts. The aim is to enable:

  • wider understanding of the issues around climate change
  • ways to tackle them through global connectiveness using innovative tools and solutions.

No place is resilient until all places are resilient.

The events will include:

  • international researchers leaders
  • policy makers
  • practitioners
  • representatives from local communities adapting to climate change.

The events will focus on priorities for impactful research to tackle climate change related risks and impacts.

Collaborative international efforts

Events will be online, and co-hosted with COP26 delivery partners based in different countries and regions across the globe. This will showcase the collaborative international efforts we are supporting to enhance adaptation and resilience in a wide range of locations impacted by climate change.

These events will feed into the COP26 conference by bringing together global communities, businesses, researchers from a range of disciplines, local, regional and national-level policymakers to support solution-driven discussions.

The events will likely focus on specific sub-themes within the adaptation and resilience research landscape, based on relevance to the challenges faced by the host countries and regions.

The events will support open dialogues between key stakeholders. The stakeholders can share learning and discuss the challenges faced in delivering a step change in the way climate risks and their impacts are understood and managed.

May 2021 kick off webinar

The kick-off event will look at the need to generate global commitment for locally led, but globally connected, adaptation research funding and practice that enables sustainable and inclusive development in the face of climate change. The event will draw upon recent reviews of the landscape, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special reports and the Dasagupta review.

This half day webinar will involve keynote talks from:

  • research funders
  • international research leaders
  • policy and practice partners.

Speakers will share knowledge and experience by discussing achievements to date, and curating active conversations between:

  • adaptation decision makers
  • local researchers
  • practitioners.

Addressing our greatest challenges

The kick-off event will create a space for discussion workshops around the greatest challenges we need to address for adaptation and resilience, in the context of cascading and compounding risks of climate change:

  • feasibility of adaptation: how to move from technical feasibility to action on social acceptability and political will in scaling-up adaptation, and the importance of interdisciplinary working
  • vulnerability reduction: how can lessons from COVID-19 that show the importance of basic vulnerability reduction be deployed through climate change adaptation
  • urgency and equity in adaptation: the role of researchers in strengthening inclusion and environmental sustainability in processes of scaling-up
  • impacts of adaptation: how to measure the effectiveness and consequences of adaptation actions
  • how we overcome the disconnect, perceived or real, between research, policy and action
  • fostering lessons learned between global north and global south (and south-south learning): what works, and what does not.

The plans for the workshops are being finalised. Dates and details of how to register to attend will be circulated in due course.

If you would like to register your interest in the event, please contact

Last updated: 15 April 2021

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