Clean growth

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s clean growth challenges are maximising the advantages from a global shift to clean growth, by supporting the development, manufacture and use of low-carbon technologies, systems and services.

Find out more about the clean growth challenges below.

Industrial decarbonisation

Reducing the carbon footprint of heavy and energy intensive industries through low-carbon technologies

Low-cost nuclear

Developing a compact, standardised nuclear power station product based around a small modular reactor

Made smarter innovation

Developing new digital technologies for a flexible, more productive and sustainable manufacturing sector

Prospering from the energy revolution

Accelerating innovation in smart local energy systems, from energy storage to data management

Smart sustainable plastic packaging

Developing more sustainable plastic packaging materials and designs, and enabling new recycling processes

Transforming construction

Accelerating the shift towards a manufacturing-based approach, digital technologies, and value-based outcomes

Transforming food production

Supporting new ways to produce resilient and sustainable food, reducing carbon emissions, waste and pollution

Transforming foundation industries

Developing technology to reduce energy and resource use within the foundation industries

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