Ageing society

Within the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) these challenges aim to support innovation that helps to meet the needs of an ageing society. An ageing population will demand new technologies and services for their retirement and improved therapies and treatments to keep them healthy in later life.

Accelerating detection of disease

This challenge will establish a national resource to support new artificial intelligence approaches to the early diagnosis of disease and recruit five million volunteers for a research study that aims to invent new ways to detect diseases and prevent their development.

It has up to £79 million to invest in the programme. It will be matched by a £160 million investment from industry.

Healthy ageing

This challenge is developing products and services that help people to remain independent, productive and active into older age.

It has up to £98 million to invest in developing projects that will help older people remain independent and in research into further understanding of healthy ageing.

Read more about the healthy ageing challenge.

Data to early diagnosis and precision medicine

This challenge aims to combine data and real-world evidence from the health service to create new products and services that diagnose disease earlier and more efficiently.

It is investing up to £210 million including in:

  • a project to sequence the genomes of all 500,000 UK Biobank volunteers
  • regional centres of excellence to improve use of digital technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and development of diagnostic tools
  • supporting businesses to use health data to develop novel diagnostics and therapies.

Leading-edge healthcare

This challenge is accelerating the development of new medicines and treatments, including digital health products and technologies, and ensuring patients get access to them quickly.

It has invested:

  • £35 million in a digital health catalyst to support development of digital health technologies
  • £21 million in three advanced therapies treatment centres
  • in collaborative research and development projects that improve and commercialise medicines manufacturing, scale up production and lower costs
  • in two projects to drive UK capacity for making viral vectors for use in the treatment of disease.

Read more about the leading-edge healthcare challenge.

Last updated: 11 December 2020

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