Pre-announcement: Space weather instrumentation, measurement, modelling and risk

STFC will shortly begin inviting proposals in a series of funding opportunities, as part of the UKRI Space Weather Instrumentation, Measurement, Modelling and Risk (SWIMMR) programme.

SWIMMR will develop and deploy new instruments, models and services to support the UK space weather community, the Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre and the end users of its products and services.

This programme will significantly develop the UK’s capability to predict and mitigate the hazards of space weather, as well as providing a basis for wider international collaboration over the lifetime of the proposal and beyond.

Proposals which address the following projects are welcomed:

  • S4: Forecasting from the Sun to L1 – to provide monitoring and forecasting assets for Sun to Earth solar wind propagation, developing an improved solution for this by optimising existing models or exploring the potential for more computationally lightweight solutions. (For information only – this opportunity is now closed)
  • S5: Support for development of a ground radiation monitoring network – to develop technical solutions for smaller and more affordable ground level instruments for radiation monitoring, with a view to establishing a prototype network
  • S6: Production of an updated space weather impact study – to review and update the Royal Academy of Engineering’s report on Extreme Space Weather (2013).

Further details will be provided in the announcements of opportunity which will follow in the coming months.


Individuals in approved UK higher education institutions, research council institutes, and independent research organisations are eligible to apply.

Public sector research establishments (PSREs) are also eligible to apply.

If PSREs wishing to apply have not previously applied for UKRI funding and are not currently designated IRO status they will be required to complete an eligibility form to ensure they have the required research capacity, systems and controls in place to manage the research and grant funding.

PSREs should apply for eligibility as soon as possible if they think they may be interested in applying as they may have their application delayed or even rejected if they do so at the same time as submitting a proposal (this does not pre-judge success).

Find more information on who can apply for funding.


Please note that the following dates are subject to change.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, if any potential applicants are interested in applying to this opportunity but impacted by the measures being put in place by UK government, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you

Project S5

This opportunity is now open and will close on 13th April 2021. Information on how to apply can be found on the opportunity page.

Project S6

This opportunity is currently on hold, further information will follow in due course.


Please contact for enquiries.

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