Pre-announcement: research into inclusive ageing

Apply for research on inclusive ageing.

Your project must include a principal investigator based at a UK institution eligible for UKRI funding.

We encourage co-investigators from business, third sector or government organisations where appropriate.

Your project must be innovative and focus on:

  • social and economic inequalities that affect people in later life
  • ways to improve inclusivity in later life.

The project’s full economic cost can be up to £2.5 million. We will fund at 80%.

Projects will start in June 2022 and last from 36 to 60 months.

Who can apply

Principal investigators (PIs) must be based at a UK institution eligible for ESRC funding. That organisation will be responsible for submitting the grant application to UKRI.

Collaborations beyond academia are encouraged, and UK co-investigators can be from across different sectors and be any of the following:

  • business
  • third sector
  • government body organisations.

Engaging people with lived experience of issues relevant to ageing is encouraged across the research process.

Projects should be primarily social science, and primarily focused on issues relevant to the UK, but international collaborations are permitted.

Successful projects should aim to start in June 2022.

What we're looking for

The initiative aims to attract a range of collaborative proposals. Projects funded will:

  • deliver interdisciplinary research that develops and diversifies research in the field of ageing
  • improve understanding of under-researched groups
  • take a lifecourse approach to understanding later life inequalities, that considers intersectional experiences
  • build inclusive partnerships between researchers and a range of stakeholders, contributing to a wider discussion around inclusive ageing
  • use enhanced understanding of inequalities to develop actionable solutions including suggested interventions in policy and practice, to make ageing more inclusive
  • develop research capacity through the research process
  • engage with people with lived experience of issues relevant to inclusivity and ageing.

Further details on specific themes will be included with the full opportunity outline.

Please note all details are subject to change.

How to apply

The opportunity is expected to be open through the Joint Electronic Submission system (Je-S) from late March 2021 and will close in June 2021. Further information about the opportunity will be announced on the UKRI website in March 2021.

How we will assess your application

The opportunity process will be in two stages:

  1. Outline stage.
  2. Full application stage.

Short outline proposals will be invited initially. More details of what is required will be explained when the opportunity is announced in late March 2021.

These outlines will be reviewed by a specially convened panel, with expertise across different disciplines relevant to ageing.

Shortlisted outlines will be invited to submit a full application through Je-S in September.

Guidance on how to make the full submission will be provided to shortlisted applicants.

Contact details

Please send all queries to:

Additional info

We are planning to hold a webinar for potentially interested applicants after the outline opportunity details have been announced. Date and time to be confirmed.

If you would be interested in being added to a mailing list for this webinar, please email with “Please add me to webinar mailing list” in the subject line.

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