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Public engagement Spark Awards 2023 round 2

Apply for funds to engage the public with STFC-supported science, technology or facilities.

We’d particularly like to fund projects that engage:

  • eight to 14-year-olds, and their families, from socioeconomically deprived areas
    groups considered to have low science capital.
  • The cost of your project can be up to £15,000
  • projects can last up to 36 months

Expression of interest: BBSRC-STFC facility access funding for bioscience partnerships round two

Apply for funding to support UK business and bioscience academic partnerships in accessing and benefitting from STFC skills, expertise, capabilities, and world class facilities to find solutions to industrially relevant challenges.

An academic partner is required for the full proposal stage.

Realising the health co-benefits of the transition to net zero

Apply for funding to lead a transdisciplinary research hub towards realising the health co-benefits of the UK transition to net zero.

You must:

  • be based at a research organisation eligible for UK Research and Innovation funding
  • meet individual eligibility requirements

The total fund is up to £30 million across five years to fund challenge-led hubs.

Pre-announcement: Accelerating the Green Economy Centres

Apply for funding to establish an Accelerating the Green Economy Centre to support the growth of emerging green industries, in economic geographies across the UK.

Collaboration with stakeholders is essential.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding.

Expression of interest: astronomy large awards

Provide an expression of interest for astronomy large award funding. Large awards support themed, programmatic large projects tackling big research questions or technology development with the potential to produce world-leading research. Your programme must fall within the STFC astronomy remit.

You must be:

  • employed by an eligible UK research organisation
  • eligible to apply as an applicant (project lead or co-lead)

PATT travel grants for competitively awarded observation time

You can apply for travel and subsistence in support of competitively awarded science observation time at astronomy facilities available to the UK research community.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for STFC funding.

Sandpit: novel sensing for UK defence and security

Apply to attend a five-day interactive interdisciplinary sandpit to develop projects on novel sensing for UK defence and security applications.

Participants will attend all five days of the sandpit in-person plus a virtual pre-meeting the preceding week.

STFC: Industrial CASE and CASE plus studentship

Apply for funding for a PhD student at your organisation in collaboration with an industry-based project at a non-academic organisation.

The project must fall within the STFC core remits:

  • astronomy
  • solar and planetary science
  • particle physics
  • particle astrophysics and cosmology
  • nuclear physics
  • accelerator science.

Pre-announcement: Develop interdisciplinary research proposals to tackle epidemic threats

Apply for seed funding to build interdisciplinary teams and develop research ideas to tackle epidemic diseases of humans, animals and plants.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding.

Public Engagement Reaction Awards

Quick-response funds, of up to £10,000, for timely projects on:

  • unexpected or important recent discoveries
  • significantly heightened awareness of the social, cultural, or economic impacts
  • responding to changing national curricula or government policy

related to STFC science, technology or facilities, duration up to six months.

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