Horizon Europe association delay: what we’re doing to support you

The EU is still in the process of formalising the UK’s association to the Horizon Europe funding programme. UK Research and Innovation is playing a key role in tackling the impacts of this delay.

Our funding supports people and projects who have been successful in applying to Horizon Europe but been unable to receive grants from the EU. It also enables universities and research organisations to tackle challenges created by the uncertainty, such as talent retention and recruitment issues.

During the delay, UK businesses and researchers can apply as an associated country and request funding from the EU. We provide a range of advice and guidance to help them meet partners, form consortia and navigate the application process.

Meanwhile we are working hard in collaboration with the UK government to prepare alternatives to Horizon Europe in case they are needed.

For queries about the transition measures and longer-term arrangements, contact horizoneuropealternatives@ukri.org.

News and blog posts

UKRI support for Horizon Europe applicants

Horizon Europe: help for UK applicants

Guidance on accessing Horizon Europe funding opportunities and information on UKRI's plans if the UK does not associate to the programme

Horizon Europe: help for UK businesses

Information on Horizon Europe, relevant news, events and funding, and help to connect you with the right support

UK Research Office

A UKRI team supporting the UK’s involvement in the EU’s Horizon Europe programme

Funding allocated so far

Horizon Europe guarantee statistics

Monthly statistics for the Horizon Europe guarantee being delivered by UKRI

Talent and Research Stabilisation Fund: allocation of funding

Our letter to heads of higher education providers giving notice of Talent and Research Stabilisation Fund allocations

Additional QR and RCIF grant allocations 2022 to 2023

Our letter to English higher education providers giving notice of additional grant allocations to address ongoing uncertainty over access to EU programmes

Horizon Europe guarantee case studies

Some of the many Horizon Europe projects that the UK continues to participate through UK Research and Innovation guaranteeing funding during the delay to UK association

Optiwise: Horizon Europe guarantee case study

A Horizon Europe guarantee grant is supporting Optiwise to reduce energy use in commercial shipping

NextETRUCK: Horizon Europe guarantee case study

Tevva, the UK-based manufacturer of electric trucks, is part of a Horizon Europe project to decarbonise transportation

INNATE: Horizon Europe guarantee case study

A Horizon Europe guarantee grant is enabling UK participation in a project that could change the view of how life evolved

NimbleAI: Horizon Europe guarantee case study

The University of Manchester is part of an international project to develop a computer chip that works like an organic brain

Rolls-Royce: Horizon Europe guarantee case study

Rolls-Royce is using UKRI guarantee funding to take part in six projects in Horizon Europe’s Clean Aviation programme

Examples of projects funded


Investigating plant cell biology and the role of cell size in areas of plant development and physiology that are important in climate change resilience


Next-generation vaccines and diagnostics to prevent livestock reproductive diseases

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