Good research resource hub

We want to foster a research and innovation system where diverse and dynamic people and ideas can thrive. This research resource hub will help us achieve this, by bringing together policies, standards and guidance to support researchers, innovators and organisations.

We will update the hub regularly with the latest guidance and useful information on how to deliver excellent research and innovation, and nurture an inclusive research and innovation environment.

Supporting people

Guidance to support people in research and innovation.

Equality, diversity, inclusion

Discover ways to support diverse and inclusive research and innovation

Supporting skills and talent

Inspire, support and develop the diversity of people in research and innovation

Preventing harm in research

Find guidance on safeguarding and preventing bullying and harassment

Supporting research and innovation

Guidance , policies and standards on research ethics and integrity, open research and responsible innovation.

Involving animals in research

Understand your responsibilities for carrying out research in this area

Human research participants

Find guidance, legislation and support if your research involves human participants

Human biological samples

Find out about the standards we expect you to meet when using human samples

Research integrity

Learn more about the standards of research integrity that we expect

Trusted research and innovation

Find out how we are protecting staff and work from theft and exploitation

Responsible innovation

Read how we’re encouraging approaches to responsible innovation in the research we fund and businesses we support

Open research

Get information about our policies on open access and open research data

Research in a global setting

Get support and resources for undertaking research in an international context

Engaging with the public

Learn how to involve the public in your research

Co-production in research

Learn about co-production, collaboration and public involvement in research

Ethical research and innovation

Find support for your role in ensuring research is conducted ethically

Research in emergencies

Get guidance on responsible research and innovation during emergencies

Research with children and young people

Get guidance on research with children and young people

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