Getting your funding

Your funding will be paid in a different way if your project is funded by Innovate UK. Contact your monitoring officer if you have any questions about your funding.

When you will be paid

The full amount of your funding is split up into regular payments that you receive over the lifetime of your project. These are called profiled payments.

The payment schedule is sent to your organisation’s research development manager or officer with the start confirmation document.

Your profiled payments may be paid automatically or your research manager or officer may have to invoice the research council – it will depend on your award and the research council funding it. They are usually paid every three months.

Your organisation will get the first payment after your research development manager or officer has submitted the start confirmation document.

They can find details of your funding award in the Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) system.

How you can spend the funding

To find out how you can spend your funding, read:

  • UKRI terms and conditions and guidance for funding
  • terms and conditions for your funding award – you can find them in your offer document in Je-S
  • terms and conditions for your grant or scheme – you can find them in your offer document
  • your research council’s terms and conditions.

You may be able to change what the money is spent on.

Last updated: 31 August 2021

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