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Performance monitoring

In accepting the invitation to join the NERC Peer Review College, all members agree to abide by a published set of terms and conditions. Within these terms and conditions are a number of requirements and expectations that need to be monitored annually to ensure that we have the right balance of knowledge and expertise in the college, and that members’ goodwill and cooperation is not being abused.

NERC therefore collects data to answer the following questions:

  • How many proposals of each type has the member been asked to assess?
  • Were the assessments provided? If not, what were the reasons for declining?
  • Did the member tell NERC promptly if they were unable to review, so that an alternative reviewer could be found?
  • Were assessments provided in the specified time?
  • Did the member’s assessments meet NERC’s expectations in terms of quality?
  • Was the form completed correctly and did the written comments justify the decision?
  • Is the member consistently providing high or low science scores?
  • How do the member’s assessments relate to the final grade?
  • How many meetings has the member been asked to attend?
  • Have they been able to attend?
  • Have they provided us with requested availability information?

NERC will provide annual feedback at two levels. Generic information and assessment will be disseminated via the college website or by email. Each individual member will also be provided with an annual summary following the end of each college year (December), which will highlight their personal contribution, based on the questions above.

The annual performance monitoring exercise will be the primary data source for determining how college membership is managed. Whilst the normal expectation is that recruitment to the college is for an open-ended period, NERC reserves the right to remove or add individuals at any time. This allows the pool of knowledge and expertise on the college to be responsive to science drivers.

Any college member wishing to see the data and information being held on their performance should contact the college team.

Last updated: 28 February 2022

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