2. What to include in your application - MRC


2.3 Research council facilities

Should they be required as part of the research project, applicants can choose one of two research council national facilities:

  • Ion Beam Centre – University of Surrey, Guildford
  • Solid-State NMR Facility – University of Warwick

If you are planning to use a national research council facility as part of the proposed research, you’ll be asked to provide a technical assessment from the service provider. You are required to contact the facility before applying to the MRC to check if your proposed research is feasible and obtain a technical assessment which needs to be attached to the application.

When you have completed the ‘Research Council Facilities’ section of the Je-S form and added either of the above detailed two facilities, you will then be required to attach the ‘Technical Assessment’ form completed by the service provider.

Please note that the technical assessment attachment type is added via the attachments section of the Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) system application. This attachment type is only made available to select following the addition of either NMR Facility or Ion Beams Centre to the Je-S form.

The technical assessment is required to detail the outline discussions that have taken place with the research facility, to ensure the facility will be available to you at the required time. Please also confirm the start and end date of use of the facility, support requirements and a brief summary of the facilities use and importance of their use for the project. Please include any other information you consider relevant.

Please ensure the technical assessment attachment does not exceed a maximum of two pages.

Last updated: 16 February 2023

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