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Programme grants provide larger, longer term – five years – and renewable programme funding. They aim to help the medical science community to think bigger. A programme is defined as a coordinated and coherent group of related projects, which may be developed to address an interrelated set of questions across a broad scientific area.

The expectation is that not all the questions will necessarily be answered within the tenure of the award. Parts of the programme may well be a continuation of current activity; however, other elements should be innovative and ambitious.

Programmes are a substantial investment for the MRC so due consideration to MRC strategy should also be evident.

FAQ: Can I apply for a five year research grant or indeed a programme grant that is less than five years in duration?

A: It is expected that programme grants will be five years in duration. In exceptional cases, programme grants may be awarded for less than five years and, indeed, research grants for longer than four years.

Last updated: 26 August 2021

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