1.7 How to submit your application - MRC


1.7 How to apply - submission process

MRC transition to the UKRI Funding Service

In 2023, all research councils will transition from the Joint Electronic Submissions (Je-S) system to the Funding Service. This means that all applicants, grant holders, research support staff, reviewers and panel members must transition to using the new Funding Service.

As we transition, opportunities on the funding finder will clearly state whether an application is required through Je-S or the Funding Service. Detailed guidance on how to apply via the Funding Service will be available within the opportunity advertised on the funding finder.

The Funding Service has been designed to include specific guidance within the service for each application question. Please note that the guidance in this document refers to Je-S submission and instructions may vary in the Funding Service.

Find out more about the transition at:

Submission process

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure they apply to the correct funding call, board or type of grant and that their application is submitted with adequate time to allow their research organisation, to complete necessary checks and complete the final submission to the MRC by 16:00 (GMT/BST), on the advertised MRC submission deadline.

The applicant must read and understand all guidance. If in doubt, please contact the relevant programme manager for further information. Incorrect selection will incur significant delay and is likely to cause deferral to a later meeting – typically a delay of four months or more.

For some schemes or calls applicants may need to submit outline proposals before making full proposals. Usually feedback will be given at the end of the outline stage. Such feedback is designed to help applicants improve the quality of their subsequent full proposal (if invited) to strengthen its competitiveness.

Last updated: 11 April 2023

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