3. Costs we fund - MRC


3.4 Industrial partner costs

The level of contribution expected from the industrial partner depends on the intellectual property arrangements between the academic and industrial partners. Please refer to MRC Industry Collaborative Agreements (MICAs) for further information including what can be included under industrial partner costs.

Where IP arrangements have been pre-negotiated, the industrial partner is expected to contribute a minimum of 25% for basic research or 50% for applied research of the total project costs (total cost of project industry costs and academic costs).

Full details should be entered in section 4 of the MICA form and the sum entered as DI Other on the Je-S form.

Please note however that the general rule is that only the costs of the academic partner will be met if the grant is funded. This will be funded at the normal scheme FEC rate, usually 80%.

Last updated: 25 August 2021

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