4. Post award considerations - MRC


4.1 Resources and opportunities

Any enquiries relating to fellowships may be directed to fellows@mrc.ukri.org.

4.1.1 AMS mentorship scheme

Early Career and Transition to Independence MRC fellows are eligible to join the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) established mentorship scheme. This unique programme provides one-to-one mentoring by Academy fellows and offers a range of career development opportunities for biomedical researchers across the career grades. Further details, including events and workshops hosted by the Academy, can be found on the AMS website. All queries concerning the scheme should be directed to mentoring@acmedsci.ac.uk.

4.1.2 Applying/working on other grants

In the first half of their fellowship, non-clinical fellows can work as co-investigators or researchers on other grants as long as the total time dedicated to non-fellowship activities (other projects, teaching etc) is less than six hours a week for full-time fellows (pro rata for part-time fellows) and it does not compromise their fellowship project and training. Clinical fellows may undertake two clinical sessions a week as part of a full-time award, and the total time dedicated to non-fellowship activities including clinical sessions must be less than 20%. If a fellow in the second half of their fellowship wishes to dedicate more time to such non-fellowship activities than the above limits permit, they should contact fellows@mrc.ukri.org to request permission prior to making any commitment.

Last updated: 15 November 2021

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