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2.11 Part-time and flexible working

The MRC is very supportive of applicants wishing to combine their research training with domestic responsibilities or to meet professional clinical requirements (see below). All our fellowship awards may be held on a part-time basis or within flexible working arrangements. Normally at least 0.5 full-time equivalent (FTE) must be dedicated to the fellowship. The value of a part-time award may be requested on a pro rata basis (not exceeding the full-time equivalent of the fellowship scheme period). For example, a three year fellowship on a full-time basis would equate to a six year fellowship with the fellow working 0.5 FTE, but the value of the award would remain the same.

Examples of applicants who may need to apply for a part-time award to continue professional clinical responsibilities include GPs, midwives, nurses and members of allied health professions. Medically qualified applicants may not apply for a part-time award in order to continue higher specialist training during the fellowship. As part of a full-time award, medically qualified fellows may continue to undertake up to two clinical sessions a week. Applicants should email the MRC Fellows team at fellows@mrc.ukri.org if their specialty would require a greater time commitment to clinical duties.

Last updated: 15 November 2021

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