2-2.12 Considerations before applying - MRC


2.1 Suitability criteria for fellowships

To be considered suitable, applicants must articulate why support via a fellowship is appropriate for their long term career goals and chosen career route (this should be explained in the career intentions section, see section 3.1.3). Applicants must also clearly demonstrate that their skills and experience at the time of their application match those of the relevant career stage in the applicant skills and experience table. This should be made clear throughout the proposal and should particularly be addressed in the research experience section (see 3.1.2) and the applicant’s CV.

All applicants must familiarise themselves with the guidance for the relevant schemes before completing an application. An overview of the schemes offered and their suitability requirements can be found in the MRC fellowships overview.

Where a proposal contains interdisciplinary research, applicants should consult the relevant programme manager by emailing fellows@mrc.ukri.org to confirm whether the research fits within MRC’s remit. They should do so well before the submission deadline.

Last updated: 15 November 2021

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