Your responsibilities if you get funding


Making research data open

We believe that opening up research data for others to scrutinise and re-use creates the best environment for research and innovation to flourish. It also helps to increase public trust.

If you are awarded UKRI funding you will be expected to follow good research data management practices.

Our open research data policies

You can find all our policies and guidance on research data in the good research resource hub.

Common principles on research data

Each of the research councils has its own data policies, which you must follow.

To bring these policies together and help you understand our expectations of you, we have also established a set of seven common principles.

They apply to all research funding opportunities.

  1. Publicly funded research data are a public good and produced in the public interest. They should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible in a timely and responsible manner.
  2. Any organisational and project-specific data management policies and plans you develop should align with wider best practice and standards. For example, data that has acknowledged long-term value should be preserved to remain accessible and usable for future research.
  3. You should record and make metadata available and discoverable to other researchers in a way that helps them to understand the research and re-use potential of the data. Published results should always include information about how to access the supporting data.
  4. To comply with all legal, ethical, disciplinary and commercial requirements on the release of research data, you must ensure that the policies and practices of your research organisation consider these constraints at all stages of the research process.
  5. To ensure you get appropriate recognition, you may be entitled to a limited period of privileged use of the data you have collected and analysed to publish the results of your research. The length of time depends on research discipline and the research council running the funding opportunity.
  6. To recognise the intellectual contributions of researchers who generate, preserve and share key research datasets, for any research data you use you should acknowledge the source and follow the terms and conditions under which you accessed the data.
  7. We believe it is appropriate to use public funds to support the management and sharing of publicly-funded research data. To maximise the research benefit, your mechanisms for these activities should be both efficient and cost-effective. As such, all costs associated with research data management are eligible under UKRI funding. Certain conditions apply, for example, expenditure must be incurred before the end date of the grant.

You should also see our guidance for eligible costs for research data management (PDF, 467KB).

Last updated: 26 October 2020

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