Research integrity

The high integrity of research supported by UKRI makes it trustworthy and trusted. High integrity is the product of responsible research practices and a culture and environment that promotes them. We are both refining our own policies and guidance in this area, and setting up the national research integrity committee.

Key principles

High research integrity means upholding the values of honesty, rigour, transparency and open communication, care and respect for those involved in research. It supports accountability for a positive research environment, as encapsulated by the research integrity concordat (PDF, 375KB). The policies and guidance outlined below explain how these principles should be interpreted in the research we support.

UKRI policies and guidance

UKRI policy and guidelines on governance of good research conduct.

This policy and set of guidelines continue to apply for AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC and STFC investments until further notice. They cover the promotion of good research conduct, including:

  • good conduct in peer review
  • the need for appropriate training and development
  • what constitutes unacceptable research conduct
  • the investigation and reporting of unacceptable research conduct.

They are part of the terms and conditions for Research Council training and full economic costing grants.

Reporting misconduct

For matters concerning research integrity, or if you are an organisation funded by UKRI and need to report an allegation of research misconduct, please contact one of the designated contacts:





Innovate UK:



Research England:



Councils' policies and guidance

Research England’s terms and conditions of grant

Institutions eligible to receive research funding from Research England must implement the concordat as it is a condition of receiving funds. Further information on supporting research integrity is available on the Research England website.

Research Council investigating allegations of research misconduct in research policy (PDF, 130KB)

MRC – managing the risks of research misuse

BBSRC – safeguarding of good scientific practice

Research council guidance for applicants on declaring interests (PDF, 136KB)

ESRC – research ethics


The concordat to support research integrity (PDF, 375KB)

The revised 2019 concordat outlines a set of high-level expectations on researchers, employers and funders, underpinning the principles outlined above. We expect the research organisations we fund to implement the concordat.

Other relevant guidance

UKRIO – Promoting good practice and preventing misconduct

Guidance to support researchers and research organisations in the conduct of research of the highest quality and standards

Research Information Network: Acknowledgement of funders in scholarly journal articles (PDF, 70KB)

Guidance for UK research funders, authors and publishers

Reproducibility and the conduct of research – possible strategies

Exploring the challenges and opportunities for improving the reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research in the UK

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