Innovate UK complaints procedure


How to make a complaint

Step one: initial stage

The person who dealt with your enquiry, application or project can usually resolve your complaint.

Please contact in the first instance.

Step two: complaint investigation

It is important to contact the person or team who dealt with your enquiry or application in the first instance.

If your complaint is not resolved following step one, you can contact the complaints team either by post or email:

Complaints Officer
Innovate UK
Polaris House
North Star Avenue


In your correspondence you should include:

  • the reason for making the complaint
  • a clear description of your experience or problem
  • what outcome you would like to see.

If your complaint relates to a specific application, please provide your project or application number. We can only discuss issues relating to an application with the lead applicant. If your complaint relates to a person, please provide their name.

To enable the complaints team to investigate your complaint in full please ensure that the nature of your issue is clear to us as we are unable to investigate non-specific complaints.

Please also note we cannot discuss application feedback or scoring as we are only able to comment on processes followed during the application and assessment stage.

We will acknowledge your complaint within three full working days and provide a full investigation conclusion within 15 working days. If we can’t respond by this date, we will contact you and tell you why and when we will be able to reply.

Please note all response timescales start the working day after your complaint is received by the complaints team and upon receipt of all required information to enable the complaints team to investigate your matter in full.

Our complaints team will be responsible for dealing with your complaint. They will:

  • contact you for additional information only in the instance that the nature of your complaint is unclear
  • assess the validity of your complaint
  • collect relevant information
  • let you know the outcome and, if relevant, any action taken.

Step three: escalation

If you do not agree with the outcome of step two, for example you can evidence that we did not follow due process or provided incorrect information, you can appeal the decision of the complaints team.

In doing so, we will appoint a director, deputy director or head of department from a different and independent team to review your complaint, who will have had no prior involvement to the investigation.

Appeal requests must be received within one month of the complaints team’s response.

We require you to provide clear grounds for an appeal including the aspects of your initial complaint that were not investigated or you should provide evidence of Innovate UK not following due process.

At this stage, the appointed director, deputy director or head of department will only review issues raised during step two and are unable to investigate any new issues.

Any new complaint raised at this stage will be considered a new complaint and reviewed in line with step two.

We are unable to progress your complaint to step three without clear grounds or evidence to support the request.

Step four: UKRI

If you are still not happy with the outcome, you can email the UKRI central complaints team at

They will investigate the matter further.

Step five: parliamentary ombudsman

If you feel we have still not resolved your complaint, you can take it to the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman via an MP.

You can get information on how to do this from the Ombudsman.

Last updated: 25 November 2022

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