Managing conflicts of interest of EPSRC-seconded staff

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is committed to managing all real, potential, or apparent conflicts of interest with integrity, impartiality, honesty and openness.

While these dual roles (being a seconded member of staff at EPSRC and their role at their home institution) are in many ways an asset, robust policies and procedures are in place to manage potential conflicts.

The following measures outline our approach for secondees into EPSRC with some more specific approaches for the Executive Chair.

Measures for all secondments

Measures in place for all secondments include:

  • compliance with UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) conflicts of interest policy via an annual declaration of interests
  • the secondee will withdraw from any discussion of topics in which they have an interest. Minutes of meetings will clearly record any conflicts of interest and the action taken
  • the secondee will not use or communicate any confidential information relating to UKRI or EPSRC that they create, develop, receive, or obtain during their secondment period in their non-UKRI role
  • the secondee should comply with EPSRC staff requirements under our peer review conflicts of interest policy

Measures for the Executive Chair

Measures in place for the Executive Chair include:

  • they will not apply for any EPSRC, or wider UKRI grants during their tenure
  • they will absent themselves from all EPSRC and any UKRI discussions and meetings that relate to funding targeted at or proposals involving their host institution. They will not be able to have access to papers and minutes relevant to these items
  • all prospective decisions specifically concerning their host institution that would normally involve the Executive Chair will be referred:
    • in the first instance to the Chief Operating Officer at EPSRC who will decide, in consultation with Executive Board members, as appropriate
    • if necessary, with the UKRI Chief Finance Officer or Chief Executive (depending on the institution involved)

Last updated: 26 May 2023

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