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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s (EPSRC) role is set out in section 95 of the Higher Education and Research Act (2017). It is responsible for covering research into engineering and physical sciences. For example:

  • leadership of engineering and physical sciences research in the UK, including prioritisation of budgets and the development of delivery plans
  • ensuring the future supply of skilled researchers and other specialists essential to the sustainability of the UK’s research and innovation capacity
  • engaging with the research community to develop ideas, raise awareness and disseminate strategic outputs.

EPSRC is led by the executive and council chair, who, with 12 ordinary members, are responsible for the development and implementation of the EPSRC strategic delivery plan. They are supported by a team of senior staff.

Council members

See all members of EPSRC Council.

Executive Board

Professor Dame Lynn Gladden, Executive Chair

Neil Viner, Deputy Executive Chair

Dr Kedar Pandya, Director for Cross-Council Programmes

Jane Nicholson, Director, Research Base

Dr Andrew Bourne, Director of Partnerships

Tony Soteriou, (Director, Commercialisation)

Deputy Directors

Dr Nicola Goldberg, Deputy Director for Planning, Operations and Governance

Joanna Cox, Deputy Director for Strategic Business Development

Dr Kathryn Magnay, Deputy Director for Cross-Council Programmes

Derek Craig, Deputy Director, Cross-Council Programmes

Dr Liam Blackwell, Deputy Director for  Cross-Council Programmes

Robert Felstead, Deputy Director, Cross-Council Programmes

Dr Alison Wall, Deputy Director for EDI and People

Dr Samantha Francis, Deputy Director, Research Base

Rachel Bishop, Deputy Director, Research Base

Dr Amanda Chmura, Deputy Director for Business and Impact Partnerships

Katie Daniel, Deputy Director for Partnerships

Dr Ruth Kelman, Deputy Director for International

Alex Chaix, Deputy Director, Commercialisation

Dr Lucy Martin, Deputy Director for Cross-Council Programmes

Last updated: 4 April 2022

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