How AHRC is governed

AHRC’s council is responsible for the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s (AHRC) overall strategic direction and financial management.

AHRC council
AHRC is governed by its council, which is responsible for overall strategic direction and financial management.

Executive chair
AHRC’s chief executive is Professor Christopher Smith.

Senior leadership team
The senior leadership team is responsible for AHRC’s day-to-day operations.

Nominations and remuneration committee
UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) nominations and remuneration committee is responsible for advising the AHRC council on matters relating to remuneration and other pay-related matters for senior staff members.

Public policy advisory group
AHRC’s public policy advisory group (PPAG) provides advice on maximising the contribution arts and humanities research can make to policy making. It reports directly to AHRC’s council.

Advisory board
The advisory board advises the AHRC council on developing strategies that reflect AHRC’s Royal Charter and the challenges facing arts and humanities research. It develops and recommends priorities, programmes, and other initiatives that will deliver AHRC’s strategies, and monitor and report on their progress.

About the peer review college
AHRC is fundamentally committed to competitive bidding and assessment by a peer review process. Peer review college (PRC) members form a key part of this system, which is designed to ensure that peer review is conducted with the utmost attention to fairness and transparency, and to the requirements of academic rigour. The senior leadership team oversees managing the PRC.

Peer review panels
AHRC convenes non-standing panels from the membership of its peer review college. Panels meet when necessary according to the requirements of the scheme for which they provide final grades and ranks.

More information

UK Shared Business Services (SBS)

SBS provides the Research Councils with various services:

  • service delivery and contact centre
  • procurement
  • finance
  • grants administration
  • payroll
  • human resources
  • information services.

If you are interested in becoming an AHRC supplier in any of these areas, please contact SBS.

Last updated: 21 March 2022

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